“I just wanted to thank you Joanne for the amazing self-defense course that you provide.  My 17 year old daughter took your class with 2 of her friends and it was the best thing she’s ever done!   I’ve seen such a transformation in her confidence, the way that she expresses herself and stands up for herself in all different relationships.  She has set clear boundaries with her friends, with her boyfriend and just today with a boy who was acting completely inappropriately and getting away with it.  But she shut him down and is now following up with her teacher.  She’s also used her new language in her job/volunteer work.  Your course was life changing for her.  As her mom, I thank you sincerely!

“Joanne’s approach to teaching self-defense is positive, and focused on our choices and increasing abilities.”

“Our sessions were very well organized so that there was a balance of physical activity, listening, and discussion, with a good mix of intellectual and emotional content.”

“In addition to strong psychosocial skills, Joanne is an effective teacher providing us with a variety of techniques to use in a range of situations.”

“I liked the camaraderie between the women in class with each other and with the teacher. I liked Joanne’s realistic portrayals of situations and honesty in answering questions.”

“Joanne was knowledgeable, calm, respectful, and very impressive. I would definitely recommend this course. It was a great balance of physical practice and non-physical knowledge.”