“Joanne did an excellent job making sure a triggering and intense subject was educational, fun and neutral. I liked that we had a choice to engage in physical skill practice – I really wanted to have some of this practice, along with verbal skills.”

“I thought the practicing was helpful. And the messages were very clear. I can tell that the trainer is super experienced and good at what she does.”

“I liked that it was open to all genders instead of just women (which is usually the case for self-defense trainings). I am a woman and acknowledge that not just women are attacked and it’s good for men to learn some self-defense techniques and how to avoid conflict as well.”

“I loved this training. I think about the moves that we were taught when I start to feel nervous when I’m out at night, etc. And it’s helped to reinforce positive things I was already doing ? like walking tall, making eye contact, etc. Really great!”

“Role playing was very valuable (especially in getting a bigger voice out of my quiet one) and also it was great to practice the defensive moves. I thought we could have done more of that ? there was a lot of dialogue which was helpful too but for me practicing something ingrains it in my brain more. The one thing that really stuck with me was walking around the car to create space between me and my possible attacker. I do feel I recognize when I’m not walking big. I correct my stance more to walk taller and keep my hands by side more when I’m out and about by myself. So I’m ready!”

“I thought the training was helpful to remind me to continue being aware of my surroundings and feeling confident that I have the right tools to handle myself in any situation that comes my way.”

“Thanks for organizing this, it was great!”

“I thought it was a great training. It has made me more mindful about my presence in the world. I’ve been practicing acknowledging people (men) when I’m by myself by making eye contact but not smiling at them. I used to feel like I had to smile to “be nice”. I’ve been conscious of my posture as well. Also just being aware of my surroundings. I haven’t actually thought about using any of the self defense methods other than remembering what they are.”

“I loved the training. I feel much more prepared, and am more alert and aware.”

“I really enjoyed the training. It reinforced the notion of trusting your instincts and being aware of your environment. I thought the physical techniques we learned were easy to remember and very practical.”