“A longer class with alternate/additional defense options would be great too, to address other scenarios, or to be able to defend against someone who’s got a good grip on you (other than the neck grip demonstrated) and how to break those grips for escape, or to do other things in situations where the attacker is moving or overtaking you in weight or momentum. But the basics that were covered were plenty good for the purpose of the class which was very specifically targeted as immediate defense that controls the situation by physically and psychologically deterring an attacker from an attack at all, or further effort.”

“From previous self-defense training and experience, to me it was a good introduction to self-defense and taught the things you immediately need in the context above. If you put yourself in the role of attacker, you don’t want to be on the business end of any of the techniques applied, but like anything else that should be effective and instinctual, it’s going to require practice so if the time comes, it’s second nature to the defender.”

“I found it thought-provoking, useful, and surprisingly fun. If we do this again I would stick with the same teacher — to me she was what made the experience a good one. She handled our rowdiness and giggles with grace and still managed to teach us some great stuff and tell some really interesting stories about why knowing some self-defense is important for all women.”

“I was the biggest skeptic grump going into it (I had looked forward to double practice from Saturn and needed the two credits) but the ladies were wonderful, and I really had so much fun, and I thought the class was very useful. As several people have pointed out I’m probably one of the statistically less likely candidates among women for an assailant to target, but it made me feel more sound and confident in my confrontation skills all the same and she had great strategies for dealing with the kind of creepers I see around my neighborhood all the time.”