How Can We Eradicate Rape When It’s Not Really Treated as a Crime

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Variation of this article are bubbling up here and there.  I’d bet that this story from Boston can be written about almost any college campus in any city, just change the names and titles a bit.

No Crackdown on Assaults at Colleges:

Or how about this, from National Public Radio?

Campus Rape Victims: A Struggle For Justice:

It’s hard enough to get women to report any sexual assault, and it is even more frustrating (and, dare I say, abusive?) when nothing happens.  When the perpetrator gets no more than a slap on the wrist, and the survivor gets the nightmares and therapy.

When it’s estimated that 1 of 5 college girls will experience attempted or actual sexual assault during their time in school, it’s long past time that schools stopped being complicit in “boys will be boys.”