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Beyond the Basics: Self-Defense 102

Self-Defense 102 takes up material you learned in Self-Defense 101, and kicks it up a notch!

This is a progressive skill-building class, which means each session will review what you learned the previous week(s) and build on those skills. You should be prepared to commit to attending all 4 sessions. Each session is 2 hours in length. This should not be your first self-defense class; a prerequisite is Self-Defense 101, or another multi-session Empowerment Self-Defense program.

Next class dates:

Sunday mornings, October 23 - November 13 (4 sessions). Location: 1426 South Jackson Street, Seattle WA (studio of the Feminist Karate Union. Cost: $189. Register online.

Thursday evenings, October 27 - November 17 (4 sessions). Location: Seattle Central College on Broadway. Cost: $189. Register online.

You will:

  • Review decisive targets and strikes, 3+ combos, and other components of physical skills.
  • Increase your practical agility and footwork to better leverage your strength effectively.
  • Learn to continue even if the fight hits the ground.
  • More practice with verbal tactics, including de-escalation, the "Broken Record," confrontation strategies, assertion, and "energy matching."
  • Dealing with two attackers
  • Basic strategies for facing an attacker with a weapon.
  • Simple joint manipulation to stall or disable an attacker.

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