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Do You Want to Make A Difference?

Most women who've defended themselves against assault have never trained in fighting arts, nor swum with Navy SEALS. In fact, a few would have a hard time telling a karate chop from a lamb chop. So how did they do it, and more importantly, can you learn those same skills?

The answer is YES.

Woman learning self defense moves at Strategic Living, Seattle WA

Strategic Living has worked with girls as young as 5 and women in their 70s. We are always happy to work with women who have unique personal, physical and professional needs.

Most clients are strong, confident women who want to gain power in all areas of their lives. They may want to travel, move to a new city for an exciting opportunity, or just feel more secure walking the dog at 5 am. They believe in strategic living -- making choices to achieve their goals and enjoy everything they have. They want to make a difference.

Some are recovering from traumatic experiences. Others feel victimized in some part of their lives. Strategic Living's programs have helped many women reclaim their lives.

The vast majority want to develop skills for empowerment. They want to be able to defend themselves, if necessary. They want to be active and enjoy all the good things in life without feeling they have to become suspicious and distrustful of everyone.

Can you relate to any of these scenarios:

  • "I have to come home from work late at night and I don't like walking alone down a dark street."
  • "My daughter is leaving for college, and I'd like her to know what to watch out for and what to do."
  • "I'm moving to a new city where I don't know anyone and I'm concerned about crime."
  • "My business requires me to go into people's homes and offices alone. Often it's just me and my client - nobody in shouting distance. How can I protect myself if I had to - or even recognize when I may have to?"
  • "I'm traveling abroad and I'd like some skills, just in case."
  • "How can I protect my children from predators and pedophiles?"
  • "My friend was just assaulted and now I realize it could happen to me."

The one question most clients have in common is, "Can I stand up to a physical threat and still be a friendly, helpful, effective person?"

If you can relate to one or more of these scenarios, you've come to the right place.

Who is most likely to benefit from working with Strategic Living?

Strategic Living's clients and students typically share many of the following qualities.

  • Are active people who expect to achieve their goals.
  • Appreciate security and safety in moving about.
  • Aware of the lifelong benefits of self-defense training.
  • Guided by values of prevention and positive strength.
  • Committed to personal growth throughout a lifetime.
  • Eager to learn new styles of interaction with others and how to better present themselves.
  • View self-defense as part of strategic living, not skills you use only when you find yourself in a scary confrontation.

What You Will Learn

Strategic Living takes a 4-prong approach to safety training:

  1. Recognizing "red flags" when you are being targeted. That covers mindfulness of people around you and your state of mind, social "conventions" you follow that can be used to manipulate you, and trusting your intuition.
  2. Your "exit strategy" to avoid, prevent, interrupt, thwart, and evade an attack. Your most prominent skills here are using the vitality of your voice, body language, and setting boundaries.
  3. Simple yet highly effective physical skills. These are skills of last resort, but if you need there there's no good substitute. Your aim is to disable the attacker long enough to get to safety. Even if you never have to use these skills, just knowing that you have them ready will give you the confidence to use your other verbal and boundary-setting skills.
  4. Self-care. Any assault is traumatic. Self-care afterwards will help you mitigate the effects of post-trauma stress, and is a critical part of anyone's toolkit.

And that means you will get out of this class:

Empowerment - Self-defense of course offers guidelines for confronting situations you hope never to see. But even if you never face a physical test, you will most likely feel stronger in all parts of your life. Dealing with challenges on the job, in your home and in your social life will feel easier and more comfortable.

Based on Experience - Workshops, products and services have been tested by our experience, working with thousands of clients and students. We deal with the real world, not theory.

Focus on avoiding conflict before it happens - The goal of my programs is to keep you safe by avoiding physical and emotional threats. It is always better to walk away before you have to.

Accessibility to all - Every woman deserves to learn these empowering principles. We work with women of all ages and backgrounds, including women with unique physical and emotional needs, in collaboration with licensed professionals.

Strategic Living - Self-defense is part of an overall strategy for living safely, happily and well. It's positive and proactive.

Thoughtful insights, not a recipe - No cookie cutter solutions. We continually update classes and consulting based on what we learn through ongoing education, professional organizations, and what students are reporting.

No magic bullet - Both physical and mental self-defense strategies demand work and commitment. Some exercises will take you (gently) out of your comfort zone.

Emphasis on mind, voice and body language - You'll learn awesome yet easy physical techniques, but your real strength comes from how you think, talk and carry yourself every day.

Fine-tuned expectations - We live in the real world where we cannot predict outcomes with 100% (or even 90%) accuracy. Training will reduce the odds that you will be harmed in certain types of situations. Often the confidence you project will create an invisible barrier, but nothing can be guaranteed.

Taught by women - Strategic Living, LLC, is a woman-owned and -operated business. All instructors and assistants are female.

Best of all: You practice your new skills, hands-on. You enjoy friendly, supportive, self-defense classes in a comfortable environment. Most classes are for women only. You gain confidence as you observe your skills become stronger. And you'll have no trouble reaching our convenient locations near Seattle's Capitol Hill, International District, University District, Bellevue, Phinney Ridge, West Seattle, and Kirkland.


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