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Self-Defense Weekend Workshop

This class is for women who want more than a one-evening seminar yet do not have the time to take a multi-week course.

Research shows that women who successfully defended themselves quickly recognized threatening situations and enforced their boundaries, if necessary by physical means. In this workshop you will learn to recognize assailant ploys and manipulations – and how to thwart them. Practice releases from common grabs and decisive strikes to vital targets. Use your voice and body language with impact. Recognize the signs that will let you defuse, de-escalate or evade before a physical assault ever happens. Assess your risks, and plan around them. Understand the connections between awareness, threats, and our media environment.

Women in Strategic Living self defense class, Seattle WA

Weekend Workshops offered through the ASUW Experimental College may include male participants. This class is offered only 3 times a year.

Weekend Workshops offered directly through Strategic Living are women-only and enrollment is limited.

Come prepared to challenge yourself – emPOWERment doesn't get more fun. Note: some participants find the longer weekend classes intense and physically tiring. In general, not recommended for younger teens.

Past participants have said:

"The thing I appreciated most was feedback about how I did, what I would do differently, etc. I also felt like the class was made to be a "safe place" to yell and do things physically that otherwise might make me feel embarrassed/uncomfortable. Thank you!"

"I expected to be taught skills I can use to physically fight and escape an attempt of rape and/or other assault. Tactics, ideas, and practice. My expectations were met fully. Not only that, but above and beyond my expectations were met. I came away with new ways of thinking about avoiding situations where I would have to use fighting. Self-defense as including boundaries and verbal skills."

"Joanne really did a good job of pacing the class and including knowledge material in with the physical defense stuff. I have recommended it to my employer for an onsite option."

"The instructor really knew her stuff and was professional yet friendly and easy going."

"I really liked the reality that Joanne brought to the class. I really liked the hands on stuff including B.O.B. (the punching bag) -- bruises and all. Seriously overall, I really enjoyed this class. I wasn't attending because I had any worries or fears (a friend really wanted to attend and I went out of friendship and for support) but despite that I gained a ton from the class and overall feel more confident and informed. Joanne at first seems a bit reserved but she has a great sense of humor and most certainly knows her stuff."

Upcoming Class Schedule:

ASUW Experimental College Weekend Workshop is on hiatus. Please take a look at our five/six week courses or single-shot (one afternoon) classes.

Evaluations from the Experimental College's Fall 2011 session:

"Joanne was really great! Joanne really focused on the things that would keep a person safe, that were easy to remember. It wasn't razzle dazzle martial arts, it was a basic complement of tools for safety, including physical and mental strategies. I found it really empowering and I've already recommended it to a handful of friends, with more to come."

"This class was very well-organized. It seems like any question I had or anything I was hoping to address was already built in to the weekend's curriculum. It would be great if possible to also have the option to spread this class out over a few weeks (13 hours in one weekend can be a big blow to my homework time) but at the same time I see the utility for some peoples' schedules of having it all in one weekend. I am very satisfied with this course. Highly recommended!"

"This class was very useful, and Joanne catered her class to our specific needs. I loved working with Joanne and her assistant, Kinny, because she was very insightful on women's self-defense. When in Joanne's class, you can definitely tell that she loves what she does and teaches the class very thoroughly. The skills and techniques that I learned in this class will stay with me for the rest of my life. I will definitely recommend this class to all of my friends and family :) "

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