Using Their Super Powers for Good: Bikers Against Child Abuse

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Sometimes the weight of the legal system is not enough.  Even when it is on your side.

Sometimes you need a larger-than-life hero (or shero).

That’s where Bikers Against Child Abuse come it.

Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) are bikers, no doubt about it.  They may not be outlaws, but they sure leverage that image to great effect.  They protect children who have been abused.  Literally.

Members of BACA “adopt” children who are afraid of their environment due to physical or sexual abuse.  Perhaps the abuser is still hanging around, sometimes the abuser is in jail, or maybe the abuser now lives far away.  The abuser need not be physically present to make their presence felt via threats, nightmares, and proxies.  Members of BACA are there for the kids, physically.  They show up when their adopted child is having nightmares, is afraid to walk to school, or is being stalked/harassed by the abuser or his family. They accompany the child to court to give the child courage and backup when testifying against the abuser.

They are there so the kids don’t feel so alone or powerless.

They show up.

This article about the Arizona BACA chapter give a lot of detail and story about how they operate.  Locally, King County Sexual Assault Resource Center partners with BACA.

The AZ Central article  depicts a variety of ways BACA members help.  Some can offer advocacy to navigate the child welfare system or file for a protection order.  They spend time with their children.  They will even provide a security line in case the abuser’s family members decide to harass the child.

They want the child to be empowered, to live healthy and fun lives.  Without fear.  Because they have a family who has their back.