“Hi Joanne, You may or may not recall me and my kid from private self defense training a few years back. I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I know that the work you did with her has saved her and us so much heartache and has made for one very fierce young lady! Thanks is truly not enough. She is wading through all of the current female/ male aggression issues with her head held high. She is a resource and an advocate to the other girls around her because of the training you provided. She has also been able to navigate complex university campus issues regarding assault and as the current President of International Students at her college, she is working for change, better training (boys and girls), and protections for the other students on campus. Thank you for making her world and the world in general a better safer place!”

“I want to let you know how amazing your class was. I loved learning the simple and powerful physical skills, but even more importantly, you taught us about how to live in our own power. I had never considered the way abusers and victimizers may insinuate themselves in to a situation to gain compliance. The skills you taught have already been useful in daily life — in setting boundaries and recognizing when someone is attempting to take away my personal power. These skills would be extremely valuable for children and teens as well as adults I will recommend your classes to everyone!”