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Self-Defense 201 for Women

What is Self-Defense 201?

Self-Defense 201 is for women who want more. If you have completed Self-Defense 101 (or another basic multi-session self-defense class) and want to go deeper into these specific topics, we're here for you.

What Will I Learn?

  1. Session 1:
    • Review of basic physical and verbal skills
    • Review and expansion of physical (3+) combinations, including adding footwork and fluidity to movement 
    • De-escalation and assertive verbal skills
  2. Session 2:
    • Review
    • Pepper Spray
    • Dealing with multiple attackers
  3. Session 3:
    • Review
    • Other weapons (defending against and using)
    • Human trafficking (yes it happens here, and why it matters to you) 
    • Keeping your community safer:  education and bystander intervention
  4. Session 4:
    • Review
    • Self-defense when you are with a small child, elder, or incapacitated person
    • More de-escalation and other verbal skills
    • Community Safety

When and Where?

This second offering of Self-Defense 201 will be four Saturday afternoons, March 22 through April 12, 1:00 to 4:00 pm.

Location is the studio of the Feminist Karate Union, 1426 South Jackson Street, 3rd floor, Seattle WA 98144.

Cost for all 4 sessions: $300

Cost for Session 1 only: $99

Cost for Session 1 and one additional session: $197

Cos for Session 1 and two additional sessions: $267

Please note that bypassing Session 1 is NOT an option, as basic skills and concepts from the first session will be critical later sessions..



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