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Maybe you'll be moving soon, or your daughter is off to college, or your experience taking a self-defense class was so awesome you urge all your friends to do the same (but they live in Chicago). Here is a list of other really solid classes across the USA.

First, how do you find a good class? The National Coalition Against Sexual Assault's guide for self-defense programs is one excellent standard for assessing quality. The National Women's Martial Arts Federation's Feminist Empowerment Model is another.

The National Women's Martial Arts Federation certifies a select group of self-defense teachers. All of these instructors are highly qualified; in fact, a number of them are founders of modern women's self-defense.

The Association of Women's Self Defense Advancement also maintains a list of self-defense instructors.

Girls Fight Back! based in Denver, Colorado, provides speakers to colleges.

The Safety Chick site has "living smart" tips.

I Believe You contains a wealth of information on resisting sexual abuse in adults.

More specifically, these are schools with which Strategic Living's owner Joanne Factor is personally familiar and highly recommends:

Thousand Waves Martial Arts and Self-Defense in Chicago, IL. (Two recent articles from their newsletter, one on non-violence and self defense and the other on self defense and activism, articulate the spirit of active non-violence.)

Center of Anti-Violence Education/Brooklyn Women's Martial Arts in Brooklyn, NY

Feminist Eclectic Martial Arts (FEMA) in Minneapolis, MN

EveryWoman's Self Defense/Sun Dragon Martial Arts in Austin, TX

Valley Women's Martial Arts in Easthampton, MA

Hand-to-Hand Kajukenbo in Oakland, CA

Other schools whose programs have good reputations:

Wen-do Self-Defense for Women offers classes primarily in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada

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