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Fight the Fear Campaign

The Campaign Mission

To make self-defense training easily accessible because the skills and confidence that it builds are a proven deterrent to violence.

What It Is

Fight the Fear Campaign (FtFC) is a community-oriented violence-prevention initiative. FtFC provides training in basic self-defense skills including awareness, de-escalation, boundary setting, assertive communication, and fighting techniques—as well as access to resources for survivors of violence or abuse. The goal is to make self-defense available to as many people as possible.

Our classes are run by experienced self defense instructors who provide the most up to date and useful training, tailoring each workshop to serve the specific, focused needs of different populations. We are currently providing frequent and diverse free workshops geared toward specific and various populations throughout our community.

FtFC was initially funded by Brandi Carlile's Looking Out Foundation, and has grown sufficiently to become an independent non-profit organization.

If you would like to have a class at your non-profit or social service agency, or are interested in supporting FtFC, please contact Melinda Johnson, Executive Director.



Classes for Teen Girls*

Teen girls are exploring on their own, and looking more to their peers for standards for boundaries and relationships. They are out more, with their friends or by themselves. They may be riding a bus solo, or going to Bumbershoot with a few buddies. They (or their friends) are beginning to drive. They are beginning to date. They may have part-time or summer jobs. They may be going through puberty, and their whole world of friends and boundaries and appropriate relationships is in free-fall. Maybe you are dismayed to notice that your formerly confident girl seems to have become more withdrawn and self-conscious of her appearance and her peers opinions.

On top of that, you may be concerned about peer pressure and a cultural environment that romanticizes unhealthy relationship behavior and tends to denigrate girls' abilities and sense of self.

They could use some skills to help augment the experience they are beginning to acquire.

In this class, your emerging teen girl will learn to recognize red flags that someone may mean harm, plan safe exits from iffy situation, practice physical moves (just in case), and learn to find supportive self-care. All in age-appropriate language and concepts.

Strategic Living's Joanne Factor is proud to be a FtFC instructor. We are offering free classes this summer for teen girls who otherwise would be unable to afford them. These classes will be held at Seattle's Feminist Karate Union, 1426 South Jackson Street, 3rd floor, Seattle WA 98144.

Class Schedule

Tuesday, July 5, 1:00 - 4:00 pm

Thursday, August 18, 1:00 - 4:00 pm


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*Classes are inclusive to transgender, non-binary, gender-fluid female self-identified individuals.



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