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Donated Class Program

In October 2003, I founded Strategic Living, so I can continue to empower women through classes, speaking engagements and one-to-one consulting.  Since then, Strategic Living has partly or fully subsidized classes and seminars to non-profits serving women's and community interests. Organizations that have benefitted include transitional housing for women, food bank volunteers, youth, AmeriCorps programs and women out of abusive relationships.

Teen girl learns to protect herself in Strategic Living self defense class, Seattle WA

The three ways I donate are:

  1. gift certificates for your silent auction,
  2. class to raise funds for your non-profit, and
  3. partly or fully subsidized class for your non-profit's staff, members, or clients.

Please contact me with any donation request.

If you are requesting a gift certificate, I will mail it to you along with supporting materials.

If you are requesting a class, please consider the questions below.

  1. Backgound and Present Situation: Why would your employees/members/clients benefit from this training?
  2. What Are You Looking For: Are you requesting an interactive lecture or a hands-on seminar? More physical or more awareness and verbal skills? Why?
  3. Future Changes: What outcomes are you expecting as a result of this training?
  4. Buy-In: How will you ensure that your employees/members/clients attend? Or, if looking for a fundraiser, what are your goals and how will you publicize the class to ensure sufficient attendance?
  5. Demonstrate Financial Need: Why are you requesting a class be subsidized?

"I am a mentor in a program for teenage girls involved in the foster care system. Strategic Living graciously donated class time to come to last month's event and it was amazing! Joanne did a wonderful job talking about tough issues in a way that was both approachable and fun. The girls had a great time and learned a lot! The donated class allowed the girls we work with to learn self-defense techniques and prevention skills--skills that will help them not only now but into their adult lives. I am incredibly thankful to Strategic Living since without the donated class the girls would not have had this wonderful and empowering opportunity.

"I think it is especially important for young women to have the know-how and the confidence to stand up for themselves in bad situations. The Strategic Living self-defense class helped give the young women in our program the skills and confidence to do just that. "

--Hazelruth Adams

There are a limited number of donated slots available. Selection will be determined in part by judgment of fit between the aims of the organization, strengths of the trainer, and commitments already made.

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