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Most women who've defended themselves against assault have never trained in fighting arts, nor swum with Navy SEALS. Most who've defended themselves have had minimal, if any, formal fighting training.

Research on women who have successfully defended themselves point to four critical commonalities:

  • First, these women recognized that someone else meant them harm, and they resolved to stay safe.
  • Second, they viewed the assault as a problem that had a solution. They did not see the intended rape or assault as a foregone conclusion. They recognized that they could affect the outcome in their favor.
  • Third, they recognized all the tools they had, and used one after another until one worked.
  • Finally, they had friends. Friends they could turn to for emotional support. They also accessed local resources, such as domestic violence or rape hotlines and advocates, law enforcement, therapists, or support groups.

Every Strategic Living program focuses on developing your skill at recognizing intent, increasing your toolbox, and training your use of these tools to best effect.

Self-Defense 101

Our most popular class! A six week self-defense course designed to give you maximal learning and retention, this program covers everything you need for your most common assaults (plus some not-so-common ones). Learn more . . .

One Day Seminars

If you have only an afternoon, spend it here. You will learn the most crucial elements of self-defense, and take away skills you can apply immediately. Learn more . . .

Beyond the Basics

The sequel to Self-Defense 101, we cover topics often requested but outside the scope of basic safety skills. Includes skills for dealing with multiple attackers, weapons, de-escalation, and more.

Learn more . . .

For Teen Girls Only

Short and sweet, and kept at a pace to keep teen attention spans on track. Your teen will learn about risks specific to her age group, and how to manage them. Learn more . . .

Safety Skills for Children

Age-appropriate safety training for children, girls and boys, ages 5 to 8. Self-defense (and parent education) in a non-scary, calm environment. Learn more . . .

Strategic Living, LLC, is a woman-owned and operated business; all Strategic Living instructors and assistants are women.

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