A new iPhone/iPad app came on the market earlier this month.  Created by Amin Haq of Leadership Eastside, this easy-to-use app helps members of the public recognize the telltale signs of sex trafficking and gives them an easy and safe way to report what they’ve see.

You may be wondering why you should pay attention.  After all, isn’t the sex trade something that happens in far-away, exotic lands?  To other people?

No.  Unless Northgate Mall is counted as far away and exotic.

Yes, slavery is alive and well and in our backyards.

I’ve begun hearing from some of my students about witnessing attempts to lure young girls into cars.  Wondering what was happening, and if they should intervene.  Fortunately, the targeted girls did not go for the bait. 

Those targeted are in their tweens and teens.  Eleven years old is apparently not too young to be forced into prostitution.

Take a look at this article from The Seattle Times for more info.

While it is supposed to also be available on the Android market, as of November 25 I have not seen it in the Google Play store.